The Third Eye Opening Course

The Third Eye Opening Course is a very thorough and detailed course on how to open your third eye with an included technique that dramatically activates the third eye.

Activating your third eye means you will start to become very psychic and may even be able to read minds, predict the future, speak to your spirit guides, see into the future, see with your eyes closed, read other people’s energy, have very vivid and incredible visions, communicate with spirits, see spirit orbs, access universal information, access the Akashic records, know the truth, see through lies, know exactly what you need to do in your life and even more!

It is a truly remarkable experience to have an opened third eye!

Course Information

The “Third Eye Opening Course” is for those who are ready to experience other realms and dimensions.

Opening the third eye is an amazing but intense experience and should only be undertaken by those who are prepared to feel, hear or see spirits and interact with the spirit realm. Only proceed if you are ready. I also teach you how to be less afraid of encountering spirits and how to deal with lower energies so there’s nothing to fear at all!

The course also covers how to shut the third eye if you open it and happen to want to stop these other dimensional experiences from occurring anymore, but as closing the third eye once opened is never guaranteed, one should proceed with caution and awareness of this fact. Children should only take this course with permission and assistance from an adult.

Course Instructor

GGJess GGJess Author

Course Syllabus

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Buy this course for $27 (USD). Please note that this is a brand new course and the price will be raised in the future. 

8 thoughts on “The Third Eye Opening Course”

    1. Oh yay!!! So exciting! So happy to have you over here at the universeity hehe! I really hope you enjoy the course beautiful Gabriela and if you have any questions or anything i’m always here. Much love soulsis 💙💙💙💙

  1. I haven’t even finished the course yet and I’m already having some of the best meditations ever thanks to your tips and techniques. Thank you GGJ Cheers to transmuting our DNA <3

    1. Hi love I’m very sorry I’m not sure why but it didn’t notify me of this comment. Have you been able to login since? If not I’ll be happy to help you. Let me know! Happy new year 🙂

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